Linda jumped right into the driver’s seat with me. Working with her is like having an experienced CEO by my side… Creative. Supportive. Experienced. Proactive. ”
– Steve C., Landscape
I have been meeting with Linda regarding my new law partnership. Her counseling…has been invaluable. I highly recommend her services! ”
– Andrea C., Law
With Linda’s help, my business grew by 18% last year. She really knows how to cut to the core issues and help you fix them. ”
– Scott H., Insurance
Linda is an inspirational guide and coach. Her ability to hold an expanded vision combines with her practical, down-to-earth, nitty-gritty smarts and her upbeat attitude to make a powerful incentive for transformation. ”
– Vicki D., Teacher & Author
Linda gave me great advice… Since meeting with her my business has grown dramatically. ”
– Kristina W., Designer
Linda is immensely effective in helping me clarify and begin to execute the changes I want to make. I particularly appreciated her insight, solid expertise, perceptive questions, and humor… ”
– Kim S., Business Consultant


Presentations and Workshop Comments

Linda is an inspirational speaker who has helped many people develop business plans, marketing strategies, and make career decisions. I have never heard a better business speaker. ”
– Chris G., College Instructor
Years ago I attended your workshop. I still remember and implement your suggestions. For 16 years I have been recommending you to other business owners. I owe a lot to you and want to say thank you! ”
– Giovanna T., Auto Repair
Linda inspired my entire staff during an in-house training workshop. Months later our consultants were still quoting Linda’s marketing tactics. ”
– Pamela G., International Corporation